Final Reflection

Coming to an end with this Semester, so happy that I have finished this semester as it was one hectic semester. But, II was very frustrated that this class has ended. this course has been very insightful on a personal and academical basis.
This course used to be a safe place which I used to express my opinion freely without anyone there judging me.

This course has thought me in a totally different way, as instead of learning how do certain stuff related to my major. This course combined everything that i have learnt, as for example skills gained from major, it even made more eager to learn and attain new skills. This course had taught me lessons that had somehow changed my personality in away.

First: I used to be very arrogant, as I didn’t accept any point of view that isn’t similar to mine. I actually thought that the people around me must have similar opinions. I learned that each person sees the same thing in a different way, due to their backgrounds.
each person in this class had the freedom of expression, we even asked questions on the opinion that a colleague has made. this was one of the rare classes that there was no hate or offending to opinions.
I remember in a Media Law class there was a girl expressing her opinion about a certain media policy and that this policy is not implemented correctly in Egypt, then while she was speaking a gut cut her off to tell her that she needs to stop talking as we aren’t interested with any of her opinions or concerns and that we needed to continue with the class. the whole class was in a shock as no one knew how to react properly, the professor then added that his action was very disrespectful and that she is allowed to express her opinion freely. since that class, this girl stopped sharing her opinion this and all her other classes as she used to take with me 3 courses at that time.

Second: I have learned how to communicate with other people globally, through a digital classroom, and that we can find common ground. I needed to stop stereotyping and start experiencing more diversity in interaction and diversity of people as culturally and geographically for this point I never believed in online platforms in making new friends, I only believed that it knowing a person from the internet was knowing them for s hookup or so, I was also perplexed as how come will I be a good friend and just tell them all about my self without knowing them physically at first.
so for this part, my opinion changed 180degrees, as i. found it could be very normal to know people from the internet as the main cause of social platforms was to connect the whole world together so there wouldn’t be barriers between people.

Third: the first assignment was one of the assignments that I loved as first of all made me indulge in myself so much to come up with the things on it. Furthermore, made me excited about the rest of the course assignments. I can still picture my self wondering what should i and what should I not write in this. as there was one topic that was and is still sensitive in I thought of not writing a, for example, the sentence about my Grandpa: I was very confused about mentioning it or not, as my grandpa passed away from about one year but still I consider it a very sensitive topic to talk about.

If I were to show my learning in this course; I would show them my blog post about the reflection of the tool as I believe it has covered many platforms that are very commonly used now, except for Slack. Moreover, it gives examples of how to use those common platforms in different ways and for different causes. as I can be using twitter to educate my self and others for just sharing their thoughts and gives awareness on new social platforms.I will also make them listen to the Data Detox Audio for awareness of how to use and protect ourselves from social media

I really liked the format of this class as it is made out of small assignments, it reminds me of any of my major courses, also it is the first time to see a Core course in such way.
But my suggestions for this course are to make more in-class assignments in which students would have more public interaction, for example, the spectrum that we did in the mid-semester we could have included people that were sitting across the four palms and in front of the class. that, for example, would have brought more awareness and made the class more fun as we included people that are not registered. before writing that point, I asked like 6 students if they were interested if they were included in an in-class activity while in a gap? the answer was if it is not boring then definitely yes. I then was really encouraged to write this suggestion.

Another suggestion is to assign each student a date to present like for example every other class and to present something they are interested in. For instance, a person is interested in coding, this person would explain in a very basic info about the topic and make the student interact by one way or another like to find the simplest ways for interaction, for example, find an app or a website to make a code for free then how to run a code.
General information about their major, what made them interested, what are the skills that they attained till now, and can they show people how to do a related task.

Most importantly to decrease the timing of the Soliya sessions. However, the number of sessions can be increased.

I believe the kind of person to take this course is an eager person that wants to learn more about the digital world, this course can be very beneficial for Mass communication students, we have a course a that is called “Online Communication” but the course is very term based, it’s all theoretical. Our course can be taken as a prerequisite for the “Online Communication” course as for students to have been acquainted with digital literacies practical part, then they start understanding the theoretical part. furthermore, the kind of person to take this course must be creative as in developing the game and in many other assignments and outgoing, as there are Soliya sessions each week that is with people from across the world, so this person must know how to interact with people from different cultures and backgrounds.

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